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It is a concept created after more than eight years of research that aims to take care of
organic diseases in a deeper way and not just treat the symptoms that are the
consequences that emerge on the surface.
After years of study, Dr. FAHMI YASSINE found an approach that seemed very
interesting to him. It is the approach of the American doctor THURMAN FLEET who
concluded in the 30s that modern medicine treats only the symptoms and neglects the
LOUISE HAY, in her book (Transform Your Life) concludes that all pathology is the
manifestation of a deep mental and psychic cause.
This SLS concept aims to change our perception of diseases, so as to encourage us to
form more intimate relationships with patients in order to treat them properly.
The management of a pathology in a superficial way means to treat what is visible
without taking into account its mental and psychic causes, that is to say, to treat only its
consequences, which allow that disease very great chances to reshape.
The application of this concept involves three steps:
-S: first session (contact and first evaluation): establishes the relationship with the
patient and evaluates, through specific tools, all aspects of his life and tests his energy.
– L: binding: it is the stage of the medical or surgical treatment according to the disease.
-S: re-evaluation session after treatment.
The goal of the SLS concept is to revolutionize modern medicine and make it more
efficient and cost-effective by reducing the cost of treating relapses and recurrences
through a deeper understanding of our human body.

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